What else is new

It has been such a ridiculous year. Despite the average breakup drama and despair a lot of really amazing things have happened. In light of this spring time weather and the change in temp I decided to share all the amazing things that happen from now on because why the hell not, right? 

I recently moved into this super dope house... Never thought I would have all the space I have. My room mate and I are both chaotic and messy artists so it works out perfectly. Its taken us a minute to get all our shit together but thats normal. We started painting our unfinished basement because we are so stoked about the wall space down there. Not only is it unfinished but theres also an additional storage room (!) The walls are really terrifying. The paint is all chipping off... so we had to get paint scrapers and masks and literally scrape away for hours. What a terrifying thing if you think about it... thats why we didn't.

This little storage room is going to act as an installation room used for photographing and experimenting but thats a whole other post....

Last night Meredith and I decided we were going to finish painting the basement and start a mural... Who knew painting that small room would be such a bitch... We painted to ceiling so there you go. COVER EVERYTHING. We had paint everywhere. As we sat outside enjoying some fresh air we focused on what this mural would be about. Meredith draws traditional style tattoo line work and she recently finished the Mother Mary. At that time we happened to be listening to Kendrick Lamar.. and then started talking about his new song "Humble" and you can only imagine how hyped we got... This collab is about to be DOPE. This mural is going to say "hold up lil bitch" over top mother mary, "sit down" and "be humble" and incorporate stained glass patterning in the background. The words will be distorted and look 3-d just like the words I add in my drawings. Its going to take forever... but it will be worth it. Just thought I would share the excitement. YEEEE