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SHOUT: Whit.Olsen.01@gmail.com or FREESIAFREEE@GMAIL.COM



2010-2015 University Of Louisville
Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3-D studios
           Concentrations in Glass & Sculpture

Penland Summer Session 4 2015 W/ Sarah Blood

Penland Spring Concentration 2016 W/ Jen Elek & Jeremy Bert

Pilchuck Summer Session 2 2016 W/ DH McNabb

Urban Glass Summer Session 2017 W/ Leo Tecosky

Penland Fall Concentration 2017 W/ DH McNabb

Urban Glass winter course 2017 W/ Jeremy Bert & Grant Gullikson




2018 Great Meadow Foundation travel grant (January 2019)

2018 Artist grant for Yew Dell gardens light show (summer 2019)

2018 Ethereal Study #5 vol. 2 part of Larry Shapin’s permanent collection

2018 Ethereal Study #3 part of GE corp. permanent KY collection

2018 Liminal Threshold part of GE corp. permanent KY collection

2018 Art of Goodwill Resident with auction event @ Louisville Speed Art Museum

2018 Live Artist for TEDXTyler Park Louisville

2018 RAW Artist

2018 Solo show at @varialapp store

In September of 2017 I put on my first solo show which showcased four large glass and light installations, photographs, paintings, collages, drawings and neon art. I also collaborated with five local artists and hosted live performances on the opening night.

2017 partial scholarship for Urban Glass w/ Jeremy Bert & Grant Gullikson

2017 TA for DH McNAbb @ Penland Fall Session

2017 partial scholarship for Urban Glass class w/ Leo Tecosky

2016 TA for DH McNabb @ Pilchuck simmer session

2016 Glass Tech work study scholarship for Penland School of Crafts

2015 General work study scholarship for Penland School of Crafts

2015 UofL Outstanding achievement in 3-D studios

2015 Best in Show Spring BFA Thesis Exhibition

2015 Bill Fischer Senior Project Grant

2013/2015 Nominated for Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award

2009 Governor’s Gold Key Award for “OMGWTF”



2018 Art of Goodwill Auction

2018 Abstract in KY @ Kaviar Forge & Gallery

 2017 Perennial Being (solo show) @ Tim Faulkner Gallery

2017 Crossing Borders at the Huff Gallery

2016 DayDreams at Tim Faulkner Gallery

2015 Light and Video projection for "The Golden Culture" at Tim Faulkner Gallery 

2014 Selected Works for “The Enchantment” at the Rudyard Kipling

2013 String and Glass installation for Lady Pyramid at 6th & Oak

2011 Metal Installation for “Propinquity” at Rouge Noir Gallery